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Final Fantasy XV

I remember when Mass Effect 2 was releasing, they had different downloadable items exclusive to a variety of sources. On top of typical retailer-specific pre-order bonuses, other means of getting exclusive content existed, such as codes only obtainable from buying Dr. Pepper. Final Fantasy XV is starting to remind me of that with all its extras and the weird places they come from.

This time, the cup noodle head featured on Noctis in the Cup Noodle collaboration video is being added to the game at an unknown date. Eager beavers can get it early via a download code given to anyone who purchases the Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection, which is a set of 15 Cup Noodles featuring artwork of Final Fantasy boss characters; one from each of the 15 mainline games. The collection costs 6084 yen, which according to Google today is $53.06. 

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