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When it comes to Destiny, I'm mostly stuck listening and nodding politely in response to words and phrases that, as a non-player, hold no meaning. But I can appreciate any video game that embraces the Halloween spirit, even something as maddeningly obtuse from the outside as Bungie's great friend-stealer. (And by publicly stating that, RNGesus, that's your cue to stop giving me Halloween icons and dupes in Overwatch, and start giving me new costumes. I'm running out of time!)

Destiny's Festival of the Lost begins this Tuesday, October 25 and lasts through Tuesday, November 8. With the annual celebration comes a whole mess of cosmetics -- some new, some updated repeats, some just plain silly. I am so down with the idea of a Ghost dressed up like a ghost, as pictured above. See anything else you like in the trailer? Have your eye on a specific mask?

Best of luck in earning whatever it is you're after. That even goes for you, Darren.

Festival of the Lost [Destiny]

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