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Game Over, Man!

Die Hard doesn’t really need any sequels, but because Bruce Willis is still working, we’ll probably get at least one more anyway, in between Death Wish and Sixth Sense revivals. But, if the creators and stars of Workaholics were to pitch a Die Hard knockoff comedy, starring themselves, apparently executives at Netflix would be hard pressed to not say YES, have money NOW.

For this is all Game Over, Man! is: it’s Die Hard meets Workaholics. And finally breaking free of the shackles that confined them on cable, the trio of Anders Holm, Adam Devine, and Blake Anderson seem to embrace the Netflix freedom with open arms, dropping f-bombs at a pace set to give Scarface a run for its money, and adding more gore than was ever necessary. Sometimes it’s comic, given the trio, and director Kyle Newacheck (Workaholics co-creator and co-star, Karl) are clearly working to make this movie as ridiculous as it could possibly be. But when people start having their face carved off in layers with meat slicers, or tiny dogs explode in pools of blood, they risk taking the gag too far and alienating large swaths of an audience that probably had no idea what it was in for.

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