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Super Mario Party

Nintendo’s E3 threw me for a loop. I was hoping for detailed breakdowns on most of the Switch reveals we got last year, but we don’t really know anything new on most of them, nor have we seen many new reveals. And yet, the new games and Treehouse streams we got did a lot to pique my interest. Overall, the Switch seems to be having a slower year, but it seems "party game" fans were given a lot more to look forward to.

The Switch’s initial reveal stood out to many of us because it emphasized the new console's social/party aspects, but most of its biggest hitters thus far are games without local multiplayer. It was inevitable that Nintendo would tackle the party game market, it’s one of their biggest niches, but the Switch’s first year only made a few big pushes for them. This E3, however, showcased many more prominent party games, more than enough for Nintendo to be ready to lead that charge once again.

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