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Osiris: New Dawn

Survival games: folks still aren't tired of 'em, particularly when they let people venture off into space. That's when we start getting into "dream game" territory for certain players and the money comes pouring in. Unsurprisingly, the ambitious new PC game Osiris: New Dawn, having debuted on Steam Early Access today, is off to a strong start. It's currently the platform's number-one seller.

Osiris splits its time between exploring, crafting, and combat (first- or third-person), setting you out to "colonize worlds of incredible wonders and unforgiving dangers." Notably, it has multiplayer. That's a real big-ticket bullet point. "Work together with online players to build a prospering colony and together defend against threatening alien species, survive environmental phenomenon including meteor showers, and attacks from other online player colonies," reads the game's summary.

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