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Asymmetry in board games is a tricky thing. Do it wrong, and asymmetry can lead to imbalance, which can lead to flipped tables and scattered pieces, or at the very least a muttering of "I'll never play that again." 

So most games that employ asymmetry go light on it. Maybe everybody is doing the same thing, but has different minor powers. Or everybody is cooperating toward the same goal and major differences between players is there to allow for synergy rather than to promote imbalance.

It's rare to see a game attempt to do what Root is doing. It's a competitive game with substantial differences between the four player factions. Not only do they have different powers, but they score points by doing different things, have access to different sections on the cards, and even interact with the board in distinct ways. For the little time I got to spend with it at PAX Unplugged, I hope it works.

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