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ZOMG!!! Workman makes a post!

2007-04-02 00:34:00·  2 minute read   ·  Ron Workman

Look. I drink.

Sometimes I take pictures that we can't always use on Destructoid. Most of those pictures help me to re-create what happened the night before. If you are not supposed to pee in public places, bite people's faces, harass celebrities, molest sheep, drink yourself into oblivion and steal cop cars, then why did God invent it?

Winston Churchill said it best, "Which Warcraft's do I want." That sums up nothing really, but I thought it was funny. Look... I drink. No other gaming site out there brings you what Dtoid does. Do you think that Chris Grant got arrested at GDC for public indecency? 3 TIMES? Once at a daycare center? No. We give you all the angles here. Do you think the people at Gamepro woke up at SXSW naked in a rest stop bathroom with 6 pounds of bologna, an orange road cone, a prostetic leg and a sheep named Francis? (Hi sweetie!) The answer again is NO.

Look. I drink. If thats what it takes to pay all of you back for showing love in our community, then you had me at, "Look I drink." The first one. Enjoy the pictures all. Look forward to many more. I have many hours of video that has yet to see the light of day. As soon as my attorney watches the rest to decipher whats legal and illegal, I will unleash it onto your internets. Viva Destructoid

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