Possible Mass Effect 2 footage leaked, check it out

Looks like Insomniac Naughty Dog (Uncharted 2) and SCE Studios Santa Monica (God of War III) weren’t the only victims of footage theft at Game Developers Conference 2009. Recently, we caught possible Mass Effect 2 footage uploaded on YouTube with the heading “Mass Effect 2 LEAK from GDC Presentation.” The title is surprisingly clear, however, we can’t if the footage came from GDC or if it’s even real.

Ultimately, those are your decisions to make. I’m thinking it’s real, because it’s obviously nabbed from a raw product. I’ve put the video after the break for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you’re not sitting too close to the monitor, though. It’s super blurry.

Obviously, leaked footage is pulled quickly, so check it out while it’s still alive and tell us what you think.

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