Portland killer leaves meticulous PS3 eBay instructions

Erik Salvador Ayala is a name that should be familiar with many of you by now. The 24-year-old depressive lies at the center of a shooting in Portland, Oregon, where he killed two people, injured seven more, and then put a bullet in his own head.

In the suicide note left for his roommate, strangely thorough instructions for dealing with the killer’s PS3 were left among location details and important personal information. The note informed the roommate of the best way to sell the machine. 

“You know my ps3 is special. Similar USED ps3’s go for AT LEAST $450-$500,” he wrote. “Our landlord guy wants a ps3 like mine. Let him know that $400 would be a GOOD deal. If he doesn’t want it, format the drive by going to Settings>System>Format Utility. You can say it “comes with the latest firmware software” to help market it on the internet. In case you don’t know, it’s the special “100% backwards compatible” (60 GB) ps3.”

The money made was intended to be a parting gift for Ayala’s “friend and roommate.” The killer also bequeathed him all the money he had left, which was “probably less than $20.”

Ayala has been in the games press since it came to light that he was an avid gamer, a fan of titles like Left 4 Dead. While such connections are best left to FOX News rather than games media doing the reactionaries’ jobs for them, this has certainly now become an interesting game-related tale. A strange act of kindness and surprising attention to a games console, followed by a senseless shooting, is something we probably won’t ever understand.

Either way, if that PS3 is still on sale, I could do with some backwards compatibility.

[Thanks, Crunshii]

Jim Sterling