Poor-ass gamers: Dell has cheap PS3 and Xbox 360 systems

There was a cheap PS3 for a very short while last year, but that disappeared when the holidays came. Everyone wanted a Blu-ray player for Christmas, and I was recommending the PS3 instead — but they’d laugh at me and the PS3’s $400 price tag. And I can’t blame them. I tell them that I paid $600 for mine, and they laugh harder. [pout]

A price of $339.99 takes some of the sting off, doesn’t it? PunchJump points out that Dell’s online store has a new offer that knocks off $60 when you add this 80GB PS3 to your shopping cart. In this day and age, every cent counts, and $60 off is nothing to sneeze at.

Are you more of an Xbox fan? Or do you need to replace an ailing Xbox 360? Our team found that the Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle is also on sale for $339.99. Elite, black console, Kung-Fu Panda — hot. And another even better deal has the Pro 60GB unit bundled with Tom Clancy’s End War for $269. That’s $90 off!

We got clicking around and also saw that DualShock controllers are also on sale for $42. The price is the same for a 13 month Xbox Live card too. Get on this stuff, because these prices probably won’t last long.

Dale North