Polytron says something about Fez, we listen

Polytron Corporation has posted an FAQ for its cannot-arrive-soon-enough indie child Fez. The full list of questions and answers can be seen below:

Q: Is Fez canceled?

A: Yes. I mean, No.

Q: When is it coming out?

A: Yes.

For those of you desiring more Fez-related content, go reread Chad’s preview in which he basically explodes with enthusiasm and love for the game. Believe it or not, he wasn’t taking happy pills at the time of writing; his body just naturally produces the stuff.

On a semi-related, sorta shameless note, I happened to browse Polytron’s store while looking at the FAQ. If you’re in the market for game-themed shirts that — unlike 99% of game shirts in existence — come in more vibrant colors than Soulless Abyss Black, check it out.

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