Politician called out for being a Halo player

The county supervisor election in Maricopa Count, Arizona is finally starting to heat up. Fliers aren’t the only thing Fulton Brock and Ed Hermes are dishing out as their campaigns come to a close. In a campaign mailing, Republican incumbent Fulton is attempting to smear the challenger Hermes by mentioning his record on Halo.

From the mailing:

Skilled player of popular video game Halo. Hermes was quoted in the ASU student newspaper as saying, “I am addicted to Halo and play almost every night.”

Hermes should be ashamed of himself. Instead of spending all of his time worrying about supervising counties (or whatever county supervisors do), he’s been sitting at home in his underwear (presumably), drinking Mt. Dew (presumably), trash talking children (presumably), and whining about team kills (probably).

In all seriousness, ripping a guy because he enjoys a videogame is hardly fair game. As I’m sure we can all understand at Destructoid, playing games is not the equivalent of delinquency. That said, I wonder if he’s any good?

[via GamePolitics — Thanks, Brian!]

Brad BradNicholson