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Pokemon Go has holiday microtransactions in your microtransactions for a limited time


Three different kinds of boxes

If you're still playing Pokemon Go and actually buying things (I haven't done the latter for months, as no one is around to actually use my lures), you now have a chance to buy more things, because Niantic is all about shoving in more ways to spend money than fixing or adding to the actual game.

Until December 30, you can buy a "Special," "Great," or "Ultra" box, which provide Great/Great/Ultra Balls respectively, as well as a varying amount of Incense and Incubators. You save a small amount of Coins (the earned in-game and premium currency) for each bundle.

After that, "Bronze," "Silver," and "Gold" boxes will go on sale on December 30 through January 3, with a secret batch of items in them that will be revealed in a few days. So uh, this is something you can buy if you want. I think a lot of us are waiting on actual features to arrive first.

Limited-time holiday item packs [Pokemon Go]

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