Podtoid is putting off Resident Eviltoid again

Podtoid, Destructoid.com’s official news and discussion podcast, essentially ignores the whole “news and discussion” part and records MST3k-esque commentaries to bad videogame movies. Join us.

Yes, it’s been a while. But assuming most everyone on the regular Podtoid crew shows up tonight, we will finally record our running commentary for the first Resident Evil movie.

As always, most of the episode will pretty much just consist of the commentary, but we’ll need one or two odd listener questions just to wrap up. Which is where you come in, obviously.

Hit the jump, ask a question, and make sure to get a copy of the first Paul WS Anderson Resident Evil movie by tomorrow (we won’t ask how).

Jim didn’t download the movie and Samit can’t make it.

We’ll be talking about Demon’s Souls and Valve or something. Ask questions.

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