Podtoid 96: Whatevs

There was no way Podtoid 96 would be able to adequately follow the JCVD-tacular heights Podtoid 95 achieved last week. That will surprise no one. Still, despite the absence of Raul Julia, we managed to make do.

This week, Jonathan Ross joined Aaron Linde, Jim Sterling and myself to talk about nonlinear game narratives. And penises. As always, you can listen to the new episode here or, better yet, get us on iTunes. Whatever floats your boat, really.

Discussion topics included:

– Pots and kettles

– Linde the sinner

– Our opinions on BioShock 2 are nothing, if not whatevs

– Can a player-driven story be legitimately affecting on the same level as scripted stories?

– Things about Nicole Wiebe

Podtoid 96’s best — or at least, most insane — question came from 4knuckleshuffle. Send your mailing address to reverendanthony [a t] gmail [do t]com and we’ll send you a swag bag.

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