Podtoid 68: Nobody’s played Killer Instinct

Back to the regular format for this week’s Podtoid. Aaron, Jim, Topher and myself talked about news stories from the past week, in between pedophile jokes and anti-corporate stuff I had to edit out of the final version. You can, as always, listen to the new episode here.

Highlights included:

Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, and pikeys

– Regarding hype: YOU are to blame. And me. And Will Wright.

– How much are we willing to accept unrealistic “game-isms” like health pickups and ammo drops?

– The Podtoid crew’s Holy Unicorn Grail games

– DRM: it’s not about stopping piracy, no matter who says otherwise

– The city of London disproves all ten of Brilliam’s gamer commandments

The best question came from about a hundred people, but greeneggsnsam asked it first and worked in some cute play-on words. Divulge some sort of contact info and we’ll get in touch with you about sending you some cool swag.

[The music is “New Born” by Muse, because Tiff picked all the music before and I just sort of default back to Muse.]

Anthony Burch