Podtoid 63: BonerQuest (Horrible interactive sex)


This week on Podtoid, we talk about dirty, filthy, horrible, interactive sex. Despite what the header image above might lead you to believe.

Slutty Sterling, Lascivious Linde, and I Can’t Think of a Sexual C Word That Isn’t Crabs or C*nt Chow talked about potentially high XBLA prices,  XNA, and, best of all, screwin’ in videogames. And in real life. But mostly videogames. Anyway, you can listen to it here.

Highlights include:

– KMCC is out to get Linde

– Microsoft punishes your enthusiasm

– Tiff Chow: really likes saying variations of “ooh, burn” for like a half hour straight

– What is “mature” sex?

– Linde comes up with the best videogame idea since Lego Event Horizon

This week’s best question came from Cosades. We unfortunately ended up answering most of the other questions in our regular conversation, but Cosades still asked a pretty good question. Put your email in the comments and we’ll contact you about the cash.

[The music is from the original Rhythm Tengoku.]

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