Podtoid 58 tonight, probably about sexism

UPDATE: We are talking about sexism this week. You don’t have to repost your questions from last week — we’ll just use them for episode 58.

Additionally, we’ll be talking about the Spore Creature Creator, Jim’s article on linearity,  and assorted other news events. And you know what that means: totally random reader questions ahoy!

This week’s sonnet theme is “an incomplete cast.” As always, the best sonnets will be read aloud on air, and the best question will net the person who asked it a hefty $25, which can go to your PS3/MGS4 fund.

Anyway, hit the comments and ask stuff. And, again, if you asked a question about sexism last week, you don’t have to repost it.

ALSO: I neglected to mention that we will actually be having a second, special episode of Podtoid SOLELY to discuss MGS4 on Friday, so you’d do well to save your MGS4 questions for tomorrow’s preshow post.

Anthony Burch