Podtoid 57: Web 3.0


You can’t break promises you don’t make, and that’s lucky: Tiff was too sick to join us last night, leaving Aaron, Jim and I to our own penis-centric habits. As always, listen here, or on iTunes.

We didn’t actually discuss sexism, which is unfortunate, but we managed to fill the time with a bunch of random news stories and quite a few really good reader questions (in all honesty, I’m bummed I can only choose one this week). Highlights included:

-We are kind of looking forward to MGS4

Next week’s sonnet theme will be “An Incomplete Cast”

“You’re all gay for Big Boss”

True life: gamer confessions

More hatred aimed at fanboys

Music in videogames

This week’s best question — and I can only qualify “best” by determining that it resulted in the most discussion, because all the others were really damn good —  came from Dan Mazkin. Provide your email in the comments and you’ll get your cash.

[The song is “Poupee De Cire, Poupee de son” by France Gall.]

Anthony Burch