Podtoid 55: Aggressively sexist


Oh lawd. Casting-wise, Podtoid 55 is admittedly all over the map. Tiff came down with a case of the sniffles, and was summarily replaced by Ashley Davis, and Aaron was initially replaced by Topher Cantler until he came back just to rub his Left 4 Dead exclusive in my face. Then Jim’s alarm didn’t go off, so he doesn’t show up until halfway through the episode. Complications ahoy!

Still, though, I think it’s a pretty sexy episode (which can be found here, of course). Highlights include:

Ashley Davis loses all legitimacy

If you love it, change it

Topher hates Beyond Good and Evil‘s title and cover art

Sterling’s glorious return

Ashley still has just enough legitimacy not to be a games journalist 

Next week’s theme: monkeys are a satire of humans

This week’s best question came from JohnTheCrow, even though taumpytears has my eternal sympathies considering the entire cast basically gives him crap for five minutes straight after I halfheartedly promise him the dough. Anyway, John, gimme your email in the comments.

[The intro/outro music is “Les Champs-Élysées” by Joe Dassin, and I found the post pic here.] 

Anthony Burch