Podtoid 52: The Gentleman Dinosaur


This has been one hell of a week for me. First, I heard a multitude of really badass codec conversations between Chad Concelmo and the cast of Metal Gear Solid. Then, I saw several friggin’ awesome illustrations of Gentleman Dinosaur (the above concept art comes courtesy of Ashley Davis, while AgentMOO actually added a GD character to AMMO). Finally, right before the show began, I had the pleasure of reading some hilariously clever dino-related poetry.

So, yeah. Good week to be a podcast host.

Anyway, this week’s episode (which can be found here) was another random collection of news and skullduggery. Highlights included:

Poetry aplenty

Tiff Chow: Not Lacist

Jim makes a Mirror’s Edge funny

The Guardian, Glenn beck, Cheryl Olson, and Euphoria

The MGS Podtoid Contest Winner (put your email address in the comments)!

Aaron Linde still hates everything good in the world

This week, ryanrab1 won the $25 for asking a question that made Tiff sad. She may not sound upset on the actual show, but trust me — she was bawling afterward.

[Music is “A Little Bit Cooler” by the Cool Kids] 

Anthony Burch