Podtoid 51 tonight; random news and dancing bears

No Metal Gear re-enactments this week, I’m afraid; it’s back to the usual, alternately crude and intelligent discussions that Podtoid aspires to offer on a weekly basis.

This week will basically just be a sort of random news catch-up week; whatever stories fell through the cracks since we’ve been off the air will be discussed (assuming we remember and/or care about them), and we’ll try to restrain ourselves from talking about GTA IV the entire time.

Since we’re going to be recording such a scattershot episode, we need a buttload of reader questions: you can ask about literally anything gaming-related, and so long as it’s interesting and we have time and energy, it’ll be discussed. Best question will net the person who asked it $25 large. Which is cool.

Also, Colin’s Bear Animation is the greatest video ever created by anyone. Ever.

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