Podtoid 47 – Laffs!


This week’s episode was supposed to be about news stories, but it mutated into something much less informative and (I hope) infinitely more entertaining. There’s still a lot of news in there, of course, but it’s interspersed with weirdly personal moments like

Aaron’s serious hatred for people who get angry at reviews (Anger!)

Tiff’s animatronic-filled nightmares (Suspense!)

Anthony’s tales of a drunken, elastic-faced Linde (Terror!)


Jim’s intentions with a certain First Lady of Donkey Kong (Sperm!)

So, yeah. A pretty weird, schizophrenic week, but hopefully a fun one. As always, head to the official Podtoid page to check out the new episode, or (even better) subscribe to us on iTunes. We’ll be plenty pretentious and subject-driven next week to make up for whatever shenanigans occurred for this episode, so fear not. 

This week, Sky-Face won the 25 bucks: just post your email in the comments and I’ll contact you about the lunch money.

[The intro/outro music is Skatesteak by Sebastien Tellier, Mr. Oizo, and SebastiAn.]

Anthony Burch