Podtoid 38 – Metaphor-o-rama


This is usually the part where I promise there won’t be any technical difficulties in this week’s Podtoid. After last week, however, I’ve come to understand that something will go wrong with Podtoids I host no matter goddamn what. What do you have to look forward to, gentle listener? Glitchy stereo audio? Massive delays? Odd pitching problems that make Linde sound like Barry White? Your guess is as good as mine. Head to the official Podtoid page, give it a listen, and send me the usual irritated emails pointing out what I need to fix.

This week, Aaron Linde, Daniel “Husky” Lingen, Jim Sterling and I discussed 2007 — now generally referred to as the “best year ever” for videogaming — in between numerous jabs at Jeff Minter and convoluted (but efficient) metaphors for gaming in general. Topics of discussion include:

-The Games we Play – Jim accidentally buys GH3, and Space Giraffe: Irritating and pretentious, or really irritating and pretentious?

Was 2007 indeed the “best year ever” for videogaming? – Linde commits PC sacrilege, Husky is a sk8er

-If 2007 was the best year ever for videogaming, what the hell do we have to look forward to in 2008? – Just delayed stuff, mainly

And, of course, reader questions. This week’s best discussion came from Sharpless, even though I sort of summarized and misinterpreted his original question. Either way, buddy, you’ve won 25 bucks, so don’t hassle me about it. 

[The intro/outro song is “Once Again” by Girl Talk.]

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