Podtoid 25: Yup, it’s finally here!

Here it is. Now shut up.

Your cast:

Nex —————————– Lion-O

Aaron Linde ——————– Tygra

Colette Bennett —————- Cheetara

Niero —————————- Panthro

UnkleÜber ———————- Snarf

Dick McVengeance ————- WilyKit 

Topics, aside from the usual reader questions regarding sexual penetration, include:

Corporate restructuring within Sony and Nintendo

Game consoles vs entertainment consoles

The joys of the word “dongle”

Pac-Man CE, and the furor it caused 

and Europe metaphorically bitchslapping Microsoft 

As usual, iTunes or Podtoid-dot-com can both hook you up with that sweet ‘toid action, so get to downloading.

[Masculine, non-sexual affection to Chris Furniss for editting this thing together for us]

Earnest Cavalli
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