Podtoid 119: Kangaroo Boxing

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round and feast your ears on the astounding presentation of Man Vs. Beast that is Podtoid 119. See Brad Nicholson go head to head with the undefeated Hippity Hopper in a twelve-round bout to the finish. 

What you’re about to hear is the finest in internet radio technology, guaranteed not to rust, bust, collect dust or otherwise deteriorate. Featuring Jim Sterling, Samit Sarkar, Topher Cantler and the Warrior of the Arctic himself, Mister Brad “19-inch biceps” Nicholson. Subscribe on iTunes and get a free vial of Doctor Sarkar’s world-famous snake oil, or go here to download it the old-fashioned way. Hurry, hurry, hur-ray.

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