Podtoid 110: floppy bodies

I know this week’s episode of Podtoid isn’t a Double Dragon movie commentary like we promised, but certain parts of the podcast make up for it. I won’t specify for fear of spoiling them, but let’s just say they involve Samit.

This week’s Podtoid can be listened to here, as usual, or you can subscribe to us on iTunes. Highlights include:

– I try to be fake-mean to Samit and it comes out sounding ridiculously real-mean

The Red Star: just as good now as it was a few years ago

Crimson Skies and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter are frigging good

– Mumblings about cut scenes and player-driven narrative

– A particularly memorable Podtoid moment

This week’s best question came from KorJax, who has almost certainly won before, but you’ll understand why he deserves another prize anyway once you get to his question. 

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