Podtoid 108: Aaron is too hot

I know I promised Jim would be the only regular cast member missing from Podtoid 108, but Linde leaves around the halfway point for, shall we say, thermal reasons.

Either way, the episode is still alright. Conrad Zimmerman came on to replace Jim, and Topher actually says more than three sentences once Linde is out of the picture. You can listen to it here, as usual, or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Highlights include: 

– Samit’s games of the week

– Topher is tired of your BlazBlue graphical bias

– Sam Raimi is directing a Warcraft movie, ambivalence ensues

Arkham Asylum review shenanigans

– A ton of listener questions

Our favorite question came from able_to_think, who asked about trading challenge for narrative. Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll send you a Dtoid swag bag.

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