PlayStation Suite SDK open beta available to the public

The PlayStation Suite SDK tools help devs create games for the PS Vita as well as Android devices like Xperia phones and Sony tablets. It’s now free to download for anyone, and includes access PS Suite libraries as well as tools to verify content for use on these devices. 

Gamasutra says that the open beta version of the SDK includes a 2D graphics engine and a 2D physics engine, along with sample content to show off these tools. Later this year the full program will launch on the PlayStation Store for an annual cost of $99. 

Speaking to Gamasutra, PlayStation senior director Jack Buser gets in a slam against the competition’s own indie games platform: “We’ve seen what has happened on competing platforms and are dedicated to delivering a better experience through PlayStation.”

It’s nice that Sony is working to get the tools out there for game makers, but let’s hope that they’ll also support and promote their creations in the future.

If you’re a game maker and would like to find out more, visit Sony’s official page for the suite.

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