PlayStation Network Update: Post-GDC flu edition

It seems like every attendee of the 2008 Game Developers Conference came home with some kind of sickness. I feel bad for the rest of the team as well as for my journo peers. But I managed to steer clear of the “handshake hiv” by using tried-and-true self-developed event solutions like drinking only orange juice-based cocktails and opting for the “fist pound” rather than the slimy handshake. Also, pancakes.

The PlayStation Blog was also there at GDC, partying hard, and now it looks like they caught the bug as well. This week’s PlayStation Network update reeks of the popular “I’m too sick to do anything” flu attitude. Suck it up!

Aside from the Scurv Dogg PAIN character add-on ($.99), a Nine Inch Nails Rock Band pack ($5.49), and a Guitar Hero III No Doubt pack ($6.25), we’re left with a ton of videos and trailers. Well, there is a Rocketmen: Axis of Evil wallpaper and a new PAIN theme. Woo.


  • Lost Planet Trailer 2 (where’s the demo?)
  • Condemned 2: Bloodshot Trailer 1 (hot!)
  • MLB 08 The Show My MLB Music Video
  • MLB 08 The Show Blog Video
  • NBA 08 Amare Stoudemire Bio
  • Star Trek Teaser Trailer

Finally, the PlayStation Store for PC has trailers of Patapon and Secret Agent Clank.

PSN, you need to drink your juice and get plenty of rest, because this update sucks! 

Dale North