PlayStation Network collection packs coming to UMD

Sony has announced that it will be releasing PlayStation Network Collection Packs on UMD for PlayStation Portable in PAL territories starting in October.

The two announced packs will include titles previously available as downloads from the PlayStation Store. The first, the Puzzle Pack will include Lemmings, Go! Puzzle, and Go! Sudoku. The second pack, called the Power Pack, will feature flOw, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops, and the overlooked Beats

Sony is promising more packs in 2009. No word on whether or not the Collection Packs will make their way to the States, but it certainly seems like a good idea for gamers without access to the Internet, a credit card, or a Memory Stick Pro DUO. Really, you should probably get at least one of those things.

PLAYSTATION®Network titles blast their way on to PSPTM (PlayStation®Portable)

The Greatest Games from PLAYSTATION Network come to UMDTM

Each PLAYSTATION Network Collection Pack will feature three fantastic PLAYSTATION Network titles for PSP

There’s a pack to suit every taste: Puzzle, Power and more!

Date/ City: Soon PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) owners can get their hands on some of the greatest PLAYSTATION®Network titles – brought together on UMD™ (Universal Media Disc) for the first time. This October, PLAYSTATION Network Collection Packs will launch from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for PAL territories with Puzzle Pack, the first in a series of themed packs with three PLAYSTATION Network titles on one UMD.

PLAYSTATION Network Collection Packs allow PSP owners the opportunity to purchase previously download-only titles on UMD. Packs are themed and combine a winning formula of quality titles – giving you three great games to choose from, all on one disc and all at a fantastic price. There’s a whole series to collect, and whether you’re into puzzles, shoot’em up games or adventure titles, you’ll definitely find a pack that will suit you.

Puzzle Pack combines PLAYSTATION Network’s best brain-busting challenges in a fantastic on-the-go package, perfect for those travelling or commuting to and from work. Use your strategic skills to save cute furry creatures in the classic Lemmings™, crack your way through classic puzzles in Go! Puzzle™, and get addicted to Go! Sudoku™.

If you prefer thrills and spills to puzzle-solving, you’ll love the second addition to PLAYSTATION Network Collection Packs, Power Pack. Indulge yourself in a three-part escapade of underwater exploration in flOw™, combat action with Syphon Filter™: Combat Ops and musical creation with Beats™.

Here’s the first PLAYSTATION®Network Collection Packs line-up:
PLAYSTATION®Network Collection Packs Games Release date
Puzzle Pack Lemmings™, Go! Sudoku™, Go! Puzzle™ Mid Oct 2008
Power Pack flOw™, Beats™, Syphon Filter™: Combat Ops Late Oct 2008

The Puzzle Pack and Power Pack are set to hit stores in October 2008, with more Collection Packs to be released throughout 2009. PLAYSTATION®Network Collection Packs are exclusive to PSP.

Nick Chester