PlayStation 5 update adds category sorting for Trophies

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Everybody Gets a Trophy Day

Sony has released a brand new update for its top-of-the-line gaming platform PlayStation 5 — The PS5 22.02-06.02.00 update adds a number of under-the-hood performance fixes and brings new sorting and categorizing options for the strangely compelling dashboard culture that is “Trophies”.

When you now click the Trophy icon on the PS5 dashboard, you can access a full list of all “still to do” achievements, so you can plan your next grinding session in style. Additionally, players can now pin specific challenges to the top of the list, or even snap the list to the screen, thus ensuring that the “Collect 100 hidden items” challenge that has been keeping you awake all night is now hanging overhead like impending danger — constantly prodding you with your abject failure.

Activity Cards have also been tweaked in the new update, and will now be sorted into generic categories such as by game, single-and-multiplayer activities, and online/offline activities. Again, this very minor tweaking of the system hopes to help players more clearly see what tasks need — that’s NEED — performing, ensuring that you never leave your couch and ultimately surrender to the television.

PS5 software update version 22.02-06.00.01 is now live on the PS5 platform.

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