PlayStation 3 ‘flimsyware’ 2.42 confirmed

As you should all be aware by now, last month yielded a new firmware update for PlayStation 3 owners. The reason for the update was fairly miniscule, as it was only intended to “improve the playback quality of some PlayStation 3 and PlayStation format software.” Little did we all know about the havoc that it would inflict on every single PS3 that touched the update. In my haste to download PixelJunk Eden, I accidently downloaded the firmware. As a result, I sprained my knee and my coffee maker quit working.

And I am not the only one apparently. Kotaku spotted that the official PlayStation boards are lit up like a Christmas tree in response to the havoc that “flimsyware” 2.42 has caused. Some users complain of disc errors, others hard drive malfunctions. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Sony Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein about the issue, and he made mention that “We read the boards and forums, too” and are “looking into [the issue.]” He also said “anyone experiencing any problem should, as usual, contact Customer Services.”

Mr. Rubenstein was unwilling to comment on my coffee maker that the latest firmware broke, but hopefully, if I send enough emails, he will comment eventually. On a serious note, this problem seems to have been blown completely out of proportion. The firmware is probably as safe as a typical update and is probably nothing to worry about. Just for a quick check though, has your PS3 or ferret died lately as a result of the firmware?

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