Play Killzone 2 with Guerrilla tomorrow

Killzone 2 takes up most of my free time these days, as I practice for the Online Championship that I will definitely win. As such, I am quite tempted to try and get into the “Guerrilla Warfare” event being held by Killzone 2’s dev team on the game’s US servers tomorrow.

At 10AM Pacific Time, Guerrilla will be taking folks on a tour of the new Steel & Titanium Map Pack, discussing how the maps were created and just kicking back with fans. If you’re interested in taking part, Sony will be revealing passwords and room names via its Twitter Account, so make sure you’re following to get the details. 

You’ll be able to spot the developers as they’ll have [GG] in front of their handles. I imagine they’ll be the primary targets all day tomorrow and I intend to take my fair share of developer scalps.

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