Play Crysis Wars for free next week

Crysis Wars, the updated multiplayer modes that came with Crysis: Warhead will be offered for free on October 10-12. The opportunity is available in downloadable format via Crysis’ official website beginning October 6th. After registering on the site and downloading the client, a special key will be tossed your way that will enable the free play through the weekend.

It’s also of note to mention if you’re not down with this whole Internet multiplayer thing all the kids are doing, you can download the client and play over LAN prior to the above deal starting on the 6th. It’ll be like those days in your dorm room with Goldeneye, minus funky controllers and someone screaming, “Quit looking at my screen!”

I never got into Crysis, thanks to my Macintosh handicap, but I’ve always wanted to try it out. Are any of you thinking about jumping on this deal? Am I missing out on anything?

[via 1UP]

Brad BradNicholson