Play against Puzzle Quest: Galactrix developers tonight

The developers behind Puzzle Quest: Galactrix will make a special appearance tonight on Xbox LIVE. As part of the wonderful (and seemingly endless) “Days of Arcade” promotion, you’ll be given a shot to play members of Infinite Interactive in their own game, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix.

If you’re down with smashing some programmers and producers, add a couple of their Gamertags (full list included after the break) on your Friends list and be ready to play between 5:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time.

If you find yourself losing against these puzzle gurus, don’t worry; the team is open to handing out gameplay tips tonight if you ask. Just don’t ask what went wrong with Galactrix — you could earn some bad feedback.

People and their Gamertag

  • Steve Fawkner – SirianKnight = CEO, Creative Lead (on Galactrix)
  • Rhiannon Jones – deathbyfurballs = Assistant Producer
  • Rhiannon McLachlan – ashalind = Artist
  • Brendan Seabrook – MitfordOnline = Gameplay Programmer
  • Andrew Castenmiller – Andgoo = DS Programmer (on Galactrix)
  • Ian Gielen – Haggis McHaggis = Gameplay Programmer
  • Paula Nguyen – faithless01 = Assistant Producer (on Galactrix)


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