Platinum Games talks DLC and motion control

One problem interviewing developers who don’t speak the same language as you is that you tend to end up with very curt replies. I had asked Bayonetta producer Yusuke Hashimoto about DLC, since Bayonetta was said to have none, and motion control, since everybody loves hearing about that wacky fad. Since the responses I got were short, I’ve simply collected the quotes and put them together for your own amusement.

Hashimoto on DLC: “I’m not opposed to the recent push towards DLC. I fully endorse DLC which adds depth or attraction to a game. We have focused on making sure that Bayonetta has a huge amount of content so there’s plenty of replay value in the game, and we wanted to really augment the player’s feeling of satisfaction when they purchase the game and spend hours playing it.”

Hashimoto on motion control: “I’m very interested in motion control because it has the potential to take video gaming to a whole new level. However making sure you actually engage the player is key, so it’s important to create motion controlled games that really innovate, and not just another carbon copy of a pre-existing motion control game. Natal does look really exciting, I want to play it as soon as possible.”

As ever, I hope you enjoyed the stories regarding our chat with Platinum Games’ Yusuke Hashimoto. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be having even more original stories with developers and publishers, so keep reading Destructoid!

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