PixelJunk Eden’s YouTube uploading feature works as advertised

Yesterday, Q Games dropped the third installment of their PixelJunk series, PixelJunk Eden, on the PlayStation Network. What you might not know is that the game is the first to take advantage of the much-talked-about YouTube integration, allowing you to capture in game videos and upload directly from your console. 
I decide to take it for a run to see if it works, and well … it most certainly does. While I had some issues with my upload last night (it kept timing out at 98%), I had no such problems this afternoon. After turning on the recording from the in-game options menu (you can press R3 to pause and resume the recording at any time), I took my little Grimp for a spin.
Once my run was complete, I stopped recording from the in-game menu, and was immediately asked if I wanted to upload the video to my YouTube account. After entering my YouTube username and password, the game did the rest; the fruits of my labor can be seen in the above video.
A cool feature indeed, I’m wondering how this could be used in a legitimately useful way. I can see people recording high score runs, or providing tips on how to find Spectra in the game (each the goal of each “garden”). But how about some PixelJunk Eden machinima? Nah …
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