Pixel heaven awaits: more about Marvelous PSP Yuusha 30

Retro fans: watch this video and tell me your don’t have an erection (or briskly stiffening nipples, if you’re female). Those beautiful sprites! The glorious music! What am I watching?
This is Yuusha 30, or Hero for 30 sec in its English incarnation. Isn’t it nice to see a Japanese game that we will actually get the pleasure of playing here, instead of just drooling over the import? The game features four heroes who play through mini-games in four genres, including RPG, action, strategy and shooting.
Famitsu says that Japan can expect the game to be released on May 30th, so the North American version ought to be out later this year. Picking a title that looks this unique is a no-brainer for me, but I will admit I am curious to see more.
Colette Bennett