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Pineapples are our future in No Pineapple Left Behind


'Children are complicated'

School, right? We've all been there. One day you're studying for tests and gossiping with friends, the next day you and the entire student population of your school have been turned into pineapples. I hate it when that happens.

The last time we saw No Pineapple Left Behind, it was looking very sketchy, but our old friend Alasdair still saw the good in its concept. Today, it's a lot more presentable, but it maintains the strange premise of running a school populated with the tropical fruit, who still take tests and get grades, but do so without the drama associated with actual teenagers.

As the principal of the sorcery-affected school, it is the player's job to maintain good grades to keep funding coming in. This can involve the usual stuff: designing curriculum, managing faculty, and expelling bad pineapples or it can delve into less accepted tactics like faking good grades. Gotta keep that cheddar rolling in somehow, right?

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