Pinball FX half off this week, getting a new table

Xbox LIVE Arcade title Pinball FX is getting yet another DLC table this week, but more importantly, the game will be temporarily half price as well. I’m not especially knowledgeable when it comes to pinball — real or virtual — but based on what I have played of Pinball FX, the new $5 price tag seems justifiable.

As the latest in a long line of add-on tables, “Earth Defense” is all about defending our planet against the “Flip-Bot and its minions” as the captain of the “Earth Defense Special Forces.” Need I remind you this is a pinball table we’re talking about here, folks.

The name “Earth Defense” keeps causing me to envision giant ants, spiders, and even robots that shake like crazy when you shoot at them. I couldn’t actually tell you what the real Pinball FX table will look like, but if it’s anywhere near my picture’s level of insanity, it should be pretty neat.

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