Pinball FX 2’s pricing explained

The third title in Microsoft’s Game Feast line-up is none other than Pinball FX 2. We already know it’s being released on Wednesday, October 13, but there’s been some confusion here and there as to what the asking price will be. Yes, the game itself is a free download.

Zen Studios wants you to think of it as a platform. As such, you’ll be able to demo all of the tables and then pay to unlock them, if you so desire. Speed Machine, Extreme Agents, and Buccaneer from Pinball FX (with updated graphics/physics) are $10, or can be imported for free if you own the tables already.

Similarly, the add-on tables Nightmare Mansion, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Street Fighter II Tribute Table, and Earth Defense from Pinball FX are $3 each for new players. As for one-hundred percent new tables, Pinball FX 2 has four bundled together for $10: Pasha, Rome, BioLab, and Secrets of the Deep (shown in gallery).

This will make more sense come October 13, hopefully.

Jordan Devore
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