Pics surface from Level-5 for The Another World (Ninokuni)

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If you are as big of a fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s work as I am, chances are you had a smiliar reaction to mine when you saw Level-5’s announcement of an upcoming DS game with Studio Ghibli: heart racing, erratic bouts of dancing, and the occasional yelp of delight. This is the moment a gamer like me is always waiting for.

Thanks to the Level-5 Vision Conference that took place at Tokyo International Forum this morning, we have the first pictures from The Another World (known as Ninokuni in Japanese). Check out the gallery for pics of the Magic Master, the book that we previously mentioned comes packed with the game. You can also see screens from the new Professor Layton game here (and don’t get wrong, I am excited about that too). 

Suffice to say that if this game is not brought over to US shores, I could quickly become suicidal. Considering the strong US interest in Ghibli thanks to Disney’s distribution of their films here, I can only hope for the best. Don’t break my heart, Level-5!

[Via Go Nintendo — Thanks, Brian] 

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