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Hollow Knight

From a successful Kickstarter to a hit, Hollow Knight is a hot commodity for Switch owners. Not only is it fairly well received critically, but as of now, the Switch is the only console that Team Cherry is supporting. The only problem is we haven't had any real updates, and the "early 2018" window is slipping away.

Because that time is slipping away, many assumed that Hollow Knight would be prominently featured in today's Nindies Switch showcase, but that's not going to happen according to the team. Directly on Twitter, Team Cherry announced, "Hey everyone, we won't be featured in tomorrow's Nindies presentation but we'll give you all an update on Switch progress/release date later this week!"

So there you have it! "An update," that could consist of a delay, surprise release, or a reasonable window. Speculation ahoy!

Team Cherry [Twitter]

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