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Super Mega Baseball 2

One of the best sports titles in recent memory is getting a sequel. The indies are taking the field again as Metalhead Software announces Super Mega Baseball 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One), a follow-up to Super Mega Baseball.

There's a lot that's changing with this new game. The general aesthetic of the players is the most obvious improvement. They look more realistic now. Oh, but don't call them "realistic;" I learned that the hard way earlier this month when I sat down with Metalhead co-founders Scott Drader and Christian Zuger.

"Realistic is perhaps not the term to use here," Zuger told me. "What we're going for is a more athletic look. The characters in the first game had big heads, they had big torsos -- like the scale was kind of out of whack. It was hard to portray a real sense of athleticism. We've progressed that, but it's still stylized."

Drader elaborated "That's it. Proportions have become more realistic, which lets the animations and the motions look a lot more realistic. It still has a cartoonish sheen on it, but they're shaped more like people and that will allow them to move more like people. That will make them feel more athletic when they're diving for the ball and that kind of thing."

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