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A Quiet Place

Usually the week before the summer season officially kicks off, which is now basically whatever week that summer's Marvel film lands, is DOA. No one even wants to touch it with big releases and audiences are saving their money for the big blockbuster about to land. Not so with this week, though, as the two new releases outperformed expectations, A Quiet Place rose back to the top, and even Rampage didn't drop as much as expected (only 41 percent off from last week).

We can all agree A Quiet Place deserves to be in number one in terms of quality, but it's still surprising it managed to climb back up there, especially with I Feel Pretty pulling in a surprising $16 million, and Super Troopers 2 pulling in an even more surprising $14.7 million. None of Broken Lizard's films have made $20 million in their entire run, and this sequel should do it by next weekend. That's especially good for a Kickstarted, cult comedy that got panned by critics. 

Obviously, none of these box offices is going to hold a candle to Avengers: Infinity War when it lands, as it's already set to destroy every box office record ever, but it's nice to see a good movie get one more shot at the top. 

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