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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been extensively datamined, and at this point I think we have a grasp on all of its mysteries, outside of the missing legendaries. Heck, someone event got to the max level of 40, albeit with cheating, just to see if it granted you anything special (it doesn't).

But for all you would-be catchers out there, just keep one thing in mind -- although you can get "all 145" by way of egg hatching and tenacity, four of them are region exclusive. That's Tauros for North America, Mr. Mime for Europe, Farfetch'd for Asia, and Kangaskhan for Australia.

There is some debate about where exactly some of these creatures roam, but the regions, based on tons of evidence since Japan's launch, are sound. I'm currently only level 20 (because of the horrendous connection issues even still with PTC accounts), but I plan to get them all eventually, even if I have to wait for the trading mechanic!

Pokémon Go region exclusives - how to catch Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Farfetch'd [Eurogamer]

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