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Resident Evil 7

How many times can Capcom get me to play that same Resident Evil 7 demo? I'm afraid to answer. Whatever number I come up with will be too low. This time, however, a revisit is warranted.

We're headed back to the same old house for the "Midnight" update, but with new areas opened up, a gun available to use against a monstrous creature, and multiple endings to parse. Better yet, if you own a PS4 Pro or a PlayStation VR headset, both are supported. I've yet to go hands-on (you know how PSN download speeds are), but I've watched some livestreamed playthroughs and I'm dying to dig in.

Capcom is finally throwing PC and Xbox One players a bone, which, it's about dang time. The demo will slink out on December 9 for Xbox One and December 19 for PC. I wonder if there will be any secrets left unsolved by then. Probably few if any, knowing the dedication of the Resident Evil community.

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