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Resident Evil 7

There is something uniquely terrible about disgusting food. The taste never seems to go away, no matter how much you wash your mouth out, and your body behaves, at least for a moment, as if it's been poisoned. Anyone who's accidentally taken a swig from a carton of expired milk will know the feeling. (Nope, never done that, not me...scruffy bastards, the lot of you.)

If a horror game wants to shock the player, it can create that feeling on many levels, whether through jump-scares or disturbing stills. Rotten food can be used to create an unsettling atmosphere that disturbs rather than shocks, creating a longer-lasting scare. On the other hand, plenty of games use crappy food to appeal to toilet humour sensibilities. Others simply allow you to create monstrosities for your own entertainment, then feed them to unknowing NPCs for literal shits and giggles.

So, let's tuck into some pretty damn awful meals in video games. Perhaps scoff down your afternoon snack now, or leave it 'til later, depending on how strong your gag reflex is.

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