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Nintendo Labo - Variety Kit

Nintendo Labo has a lot of stuff crammed into its box. I initially thought I'd sit down with my son today and whip up a few cardboard creations, play the games, and then write this review. After making our first larger Toy-Con, as Nintendo has named these projects, I was quickly disabused of that notion. The majority of the Toy-Con take more then 90 minutes to complete, according to the game, and the piano can take upwards of two-and-half hours. 

That being said, the basics of Labo can be picked up in a few minutes, and I have been able to build and mess around with the Motorbike and RC Car Toy-Cons. Given that, I'm not quite ready to make a final ruling on Labo, but there's enough here to deliver something of an opinion on what exactly Nintendo has done here.

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